Leap Of Faith

In the face of adversity, Caroline Young simply acknowledges it and pushes her way past it.  This 53-year-old has pushed by adversity a lot over the years. It started 17 years ago when she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  The cancer and the radiation that followed destroyed her body, but not her spirit.  Caroline is one of the most positive people you'll ever meet.  She has every reason NOT to be.   Besides beating stage 4 cancer, Caroline dealt with serious health issues with her two boys, Beau and Jim.  Both have cystic fibrosis; Beau even had a liver transplant.  But, both have mom's optimistic outlook refusing to let health issues ever get in the way of living life.  
Caroline and her two boys, both now in their 20's, have bonded over the years by going on thrill seeking adventures together from white water rafting to skydiving.   If there's a challenge in front of Caroline, she'll tackle it head on because as she says there’s no promise of tomorrow so if you have the opportunity to do something, you do it.  Nothing Shall Be Impossible.


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