Honky Tonk Volunteer

Alex Upegui walks up and down the hallways of Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, a part of Ascension, with his guitar and boots. He goes from room to room singing Johnny Cash or Randy Travis to any patient who wants to hear him. 

Upegui is a volunteer at Saint Thomas Midtown and loves to see the patients smile. Many are going through serious health issues, but he says if he can sing a song or two so they can forget about their problems just for a few minutes, then he's done his job.

Jan Brown, Volunteer Services Coordinator at Saint Thomas Midtown, says everyone loves Alex including the physicians and nurses.

Upegui moved to Nashville from California for the music scene. He plays and sings downtown at one of the honky tonk bars on Broadway, but he says it's the job at the hospital that brings him the most joy. 

Nothing Shall Be Impossible.

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