Young Voice Inspires Cancer Survivors

How could you do this to me
Leave me so lost in misery
I thought I'd never be alone
I blink my eyes and then you're gone.
These are the opening lines to the song "If Only" written by grammy nominated songwriter Ray Barnette of Nashville and 12-year-old Lindsey Lomis.  That's right, it's co-written by Lomis who also sings the song.  She was inspired to write the song after reading the book by the same title.  The book is about a mother who finds out she has cancer and has to tell her teenage daughter.  Lindsey sang the song at her talent show in middle school and turned it in as a video project and won first place.  While it was nice getting the attention from her teachers and classmates, Lindsey felt the song needed to be heard by the right people.  Her parents, Michael and Kim Lomis, set up a meeting with Gilda's Club, Nashville... a not-for-profit organization providing education, support, and hope for people with cancer and their families.   It's an organization strongly supported by Saint Thomas Health.   Recently, Lindsey's "If Only" song made it on I-Tunes.  A portion of the proceeds from downloads goes to Gilda's Club, Nashville.
Watch the full story as Lindsey performs the song to a room full of cancer survivors and their families at Gilda's Club.

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