Mom of Quadruplets Suffers Heart Failure

Dr. Monica Peeler-Reed of Franklin, TN practices internal medicine and is used to giving her patients a diagnosis.  But little did she know, she would have to diagnose herself.  
Monica was pregnant with quadruplets.  But during pregnancy, she felt as though she was suffocating.  She was also having shortness of breath.  She brushed it off to being pregnant with four babies.  Soon after she delivered her quadruplets, she was admitted to Saint Thomas Midtown in Nashville with heart failure.   She spent more than a week in ICU.  Her four babies, two boys and two girls, were in the NICU.  Her husband Fred was scared and wasn't sure what to think with his wife and babies all in the hospital.   But, after constant supervision and being on heart failure medication, Monica started feeling better.  
Today, Monica is doing well back to work and back to being a mom and wife.  Her four babies are nearly three years old.  She is dedicated to spreading the word of heart disease in women through the American Heart Association and helping women to better identify the signs of heart failure during pregnancy.   
Saint Thomas Heart has created the Perinatal Cardiac Clinic.  For more information, go to

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