The Tears Behind The Smile

Freddie Wiggins never complains about his job while working at Saint Thomas West Hospital.  Never.  Freddie works as a floor tech as part of environmental services at the hospital.  His job is to sweep the hallways of the hospital and keep everything tidy and clean.  But, Freddie does so much more.  His friendly smile and outgoing personality keep patients, visitors, and employees in a good mood.  In a hospital environment, where emotions are always changing, Freddie finds a way of making people smile. Asking folks strolling the hallways how they’re doing, giving high fives, giving hugs when needed, and now and then, he’ll even break into song in hopes you'll join him. 
So, why does a man who has the most positive outlook on life start crying during our interview?  Watch the story to find out what’s behind Freddie’s smile.  Nothing Shall Be Impossible.


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