I Left My Heart in Nashville

Jan Vaughn was literally on her last breath from heart failure.  The year was 1985.  Her only option was to get a heart transplant.  It just happened to be the first year Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville had started its heart transplant program.  Jan became the first  female heart transplant recipient.  The doctors and medical staff at Saint Thomas were honest with her from the beginning.  The hope was she would live up to a year.  Well, 31 years later, Jan is living life and loving it.  
Jan and her husband Michael live in a small town outside of Orlando, Florida.  They moved to Florida 10 years ago after living south of Nashville.  Since the transplant, Jan has been able to do things she never thought she would be able to do.  She and Michael have traveled the world from Mexico to Italy.  She volunteers at the local arts center and has made lifelong friends.  But most importantly, she was able to watch her only daughter, Carrie, graduate, get married, and have children.
Nothing Shall Be Impossible.

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