"The fact that we're faith-based is part of everything we do"

When people visit Saint Thomas Health, they always say it feels unique, although it is hard to say why.

The caregivers and staff who work at Saint Thomas Health know this uniqueness stems from its faith-based approach to care.

"We're not just another hospital here," explains B.J. Butler, a manager at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital. "The fact that we're faith-based is part of everything we do."

Having a faith-based approach means that, at its core, Saint Thomas Health is committed to delivering holistic, reverent and clinically excellent care to people of all faiths in a way that honors the mind, body and spirit. It is the kind of care that recognizes the patients who visit the hospital aren't just patients - they're people.

B.J. often leads his staff in a morning prayer, or reads a devotion with words of encouragement as they start the day. His actions are just one example of how employees at Saint Thomas Health live out the belief that healthcare should address all aspects of health - physical, psychological and spiritual - every day.

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